Put Your Shoes On

Technology has come a long way. It’s weird, however, that the first place I tend to notice is in public restrooms. Why is that? Is that really where we need the most improvement in society? Toilets are toilets. Soap is soap. Water is water. But everything has become automatic. I’m surprised toilet paper isn’t automatic yet. Maybe somewhere it is.

The toilets at work automatically flush. The thing is that they rarely flush when I need it. I never realized how much my body moves when I lean forward to pull out the toilet paper. The toilet generally flushes three times, yes, one, two, three times while I’m in there. Not necessary. Then, when I stand up and put my shoes back on and get ready to leave the stall, nothing happens. Isn’t that jus the way things always go? Never a flush when you really need it.

And no, I don’t actually take my shoes off in the bathroom.