Jumping Off the Diving Board

It's typical when people come up with lists of goals they'd like to achieve. People are very excited about having things accomplished. Putting in the time and effort that is required is a different story.

But all that aside, here's my preliminary list:

  • Exercise/eat healthier (thought I'd get that one out of the way first)
  • Stress less
  • Find a way to actually stress less
  • Say and do what I actually want (not just what I think I should)
  • Keep a regular journal (not just when I'm sad or angry)
  • Stay open to new opportunities
  • Work on my novel every day until it's completed
  • Read 2+ books a month
  • Finish the halfway-read books I have piling up
  • Travel
  • Live in a foreign country
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Cut down on the material good I currently have (keep only what I need)
  • Don't buy crap
  • Sing, dance, laugh
  • Be happy as often as possible
  • Keep it all in perspective
  • Don't let the bastards get me down
  • Surround myself with people that make me feel more like me
  • Brush my teeth before going to bed every night
  • Remember to wear my bite guard

It's a starting point. Isn't every point?