Print This

I don't mind working in a large office. In fact, I like it. It's entertaining when something breaks and everyone feels like they have to talk about it. "The color printer is broken and I have to print my charts! Now I have to use the printer on the other side of the building!" Oh, no!

But there is one thing that really rubs me the wrong way. I have zero tolerance for anyone shuffling around documents that I have printed. If you're going to check to see if your document is mixed up in mine, you DO NOT have to mix up the page numbers in order to do that. Furthermore, how hard is it to check what pages you are taking with you back to your desk? Apparently it's impossible. I went to retrieve two separate documents - one was one page, the other was two pages. When I got there, the one page document was there, but page one of two of the second document was missing.

If you don't know what you're printing, maybe you should be allowed to print in the first place.

Pay attention, people.