I Don't Have Room for Your Nose in My Business

Everyone I know seems to be moving forward.

Someone's engaged, someone's pregnant, someone's moving across the planet, someone's promoted, someone's quitting and traveling, someone's going back to school, someone's moving into a senior living home, etc.

And I suppose I'm moving forward too, but it doesn't necessarily feel like it. Maybe it never feels like it. I'll wake up in five years and I'll be a million miles away from this spot, but going through the process won't feel so dramatic. You don't notice the small things changing if you're around them every day.

Switching gears.

Everyone has opinions about everyone else. Whether or not those opinions are realized or verbalized, they still exist. I have opinions. It's always so easy to judge everyone else. In fact, it's fun.

But none of it is my business - at all. I can look at what other people are doing and say to myself that they're making a big mistake, they'll never be happy. And maybe I'll be right, maybe I'll be wrong.

It's harder when you're on the other side of the microscope. I didn't realize until recently that certain people were looking at me in a certain way. It hurts to know that 1) other people are negatively judging the way that you are living your life and 2) that they feel that it's helpful or acceptable to speak up.

It's not helpful. It's not acceptable. If I was looking for direction, I would stop and ask for it.

I don't generally tell people what I really think about their decisions. If I did, nobody would want to talk to me. It's okay to have your own thoughts - everyone should. And it shouldn't be scary or bad that they are drastically different than anyone else's.

As long as people seem content/happy with their decisions, I am satisfied to leave them be. Because that's all that should really matter.