Is It Quiet in Here? I Didn't Notice

A person sitting alone in silence is poetic.

Two people sitting alone in silence is awkward. Why?

I am rarely the person to break that lull in a conversation and introduce some entertaining anecdote or curious fact. I am usually the one pushing the silence as far into awkward as possible. And up until recently, this has not been intentional.

I actually despise awkward silences. They terrify me. It's like, "Oh, this is the moment where I'm supposed to talk about something that doesn't matter so that this person I'm with, that I don't care about, won't think I'm weird or antisocial." There's too much pressure there.

I've decided to take the problem into my own hands.

In an ongoing effort to out-awkward the world, I am going to train myself to be immune to the awkward silence epidemic.

Because it's too stressful having to worry over something that is essentially nothing.