Who's editing this? Obviously nobody

At the train station, the following ad is posted up at least a half dozen times. I spent five minutes or so hating the ones I was reading across the tracks. "PERFECT," it read, not, "PERFECTLY," as it should be.

Then I turn around and see the one directly behind my back. Someone already wrote in the correction. That means that it bothered someone else so greatly that they made sure to bring a large permanent marker with them. Either that or they already had a large permanent marker and they spend their days traveling the city correcting lazy grammar.

And so it makes me wonder.

Someone at the ad agency where this campaign was written up HAD to have known that this was incorrect. If not, then the world is doomed.

If they did, however, know that it was incorrect, but also know that this is the way that most of the general public speaks and therefor it would be a more people friendly sentence, then... then the world really is doomed.

I'm bringing a god damned large permanent marker with me wherever I go from here on out.