Just a little bit dirty

I'll be honest, I could be more thorough in the shower. I get the basics, head, face, arms, armpits, boobs, belly, lady parts, bottom... but that's about it. I don't wash my neck, legs, feet or back.

My legs get attention when I shave them, so not only am I soaping off the dirt, I'm also shaving off any lose skin along with the stubble. I assume my neck and back get enough soap on them from the shampoo that runs down. And my feet are dancing around in soapy water throughout the entirety of the shower.

So technically, I feel like it's a good enough job.

My approach to cleaning my body the same approach I take when cleaning something like the kitchen. I'll give the counters a good wipe down because I know people will see that. Any chunks or spatters on stove are removed (I'll let you draw your own analogies). But I don't always move the counter appliances and get the dust and crumbs and coffee grinds that manage to make their way back there.

Or at least that's my justification for being a little bit dirty.