Deck the halls

As far as I'm concerned, Christmas songs are fair game for air waves starting the day after Thanksgiving. And so it has begun. Christmas songs are chock-full of personal associations and accompanying memories. They repetitively evoke feelings and mental images year after year. Deck the Halls

  • I'm pretty much on board with any song that features the word, "troll."

Jingle Bells

  • What the hell is a bobtail?

Winter Wonderland

  • I always imagined Parson Brown was a character out of a black and white movie, like Cary Grant of Gregory Peck. Turns out Parson isn't a first name.

Little Drummer Boy

  • LEAST FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONG EVER. Do we really have to interrupt every line with a pa-rum-pum-pum-pum? Maybe they should have just written more actual lyrics instead of having a filler inaccurate onomatopoeia.

Carol of the Bells

  • This song will always evoke the strong desire to watch Home Alone. And for that, Macaulay Culkin, I thank you.

Wonderful Christmastime

  • What a holiday monstrosity. It's like the Lamb Chop theme of Christmas.

Mannheim Steamroller's entire collection

  • Barf. That sums it up.