A tissue by any other name

I make an effort to say, "tissues." 1) Because I think it's a cute word and 2) because it's not a name-brand. I don't always use Kleenex. In winter months, I require Puffs with lotion because my nose is a princess and extra drippy. But, overall, I say Kleenex when I need a tissue.

Band-Aid won the day with band-aids. Nothing more to say on that front.


Chap Stick.

I learned recently that Adrenaline is the name brand for Epinephrine.

Strange that these are primarily toiletry items. Maybe not so strange. The bathroom is a strange place full of strange needs. And Until someone invents a product for just that need, we don't even know we need it.

Toilet paper didn't evolve itself quite so suddenly, so it remains anonymous.

Let's end it there, with toilet paper.