Knowledge is power

I feel like maybe I've already used that title. But maybe it's just because I say that a lot. Or at least I think it a lot. You know when you get a new car (or whatever else you find this example pertains to) and from that moment on, you start seeing "your" car everywhere? Everyone has it, everyone's driving it. And you're wondering if they're copying you or you're copying them.

Not much has probably changed. Those folks likely already had that car. You're just seeing it now because it's an item that's familiar to you.

Take that to the next step to one of my all-time favorite topics: coincidence. This isn't necessarily about coincidence actually, but taking notice. (I don't know what it's going to focus around, but coincidence deserves a post of its own because it's fucking magical.)

So, taking notice. When you come into knowledge about something, you start seeing it reflect itself in details all around you. Something you might not have noticed last week now holds meaning because of an article you read or a documentary you watched. The world seems to be stimulating/interesting/fantastical.

Life can be as rich and intertwined or as dull and disjointed as you want it to be. Just like a job or school or anything, you get out of it what you put into it.

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