Cane toad pandemonium

We'll start with the cane beetle. Native to Australia, this beetle not only does direct damage to sugarcane by eating its leaves, but additionally, its underground larvae feast on the plants' roots, often killing it. What an asshole. Wikipedia tells us that adult cane beetles reek of rotten pork. Gross. So, back in the early 1900s, this was a big problem for Australian sugarcane farmers. What to do!? In 1935, 102 cane toads were flown in from Hawaii. There were reportedly 3,000 of them by the time they were released north of Queensland. The idea was that the toads would harness control of the cane beetle pest problem. And what happened? The opposite. Nothing.

Furthermore, cane toads became a pest problem themselves. Toads breed like rabbits and there are presently millions spreading about the continent. They are unstoppable. They can weigh up to three pounds, live between five and ten years, lay between 8,000 and 35,000 eggs at a time and possess venom that threatens the lives of predators and household pets.

(There's a frickin amazing documentary that will get you up to speed if you’re actually interested.)

The plan to do away with cane beetles via cane toads failed. You'd think with names such as those, it'd be a slam dunk, right?

I’m not trying to mock the scientists who thought this would work. Who would know? Science has to run its course before you know what kind of results you’ll get. Thank you, The Scientific Method.

So, bring it all closer to home.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not one to get involved, ruffle any feathers or make firm stands on current events or politics. That said…

Gun control in schools. Do we really think allowing/arming/enforcing teachers and/or other administrative staff to carry weapons in schools is a good idea? Or will it just breed cane toad pandemonium?