A few forgotten anecdotes

Back at Elafonisi beach on Cretes, I walked past a middle-aged man holding up an iPad taking a photo of two young women in front of the sea. As I walked by I heard him say in an American accent, "We have to take another. That guy walked by. Look at the fatty!" So rude I just busted out laughing. Hopefully he's embarrassed. But probably not.

Feral cats are everywhere.

When out on Santorini in Fira, partying it up right nice, after Simon and I hit McDonalds for some late night cheeseburgers, we can upon a sad Greek boy of 25. We asked him why he looked so depressed. He had just gotten dumped. Poor guy. I had nothing to offer him but the last three bites of my cheeseburger... and he took it.

It took me half the day driving around Santorini in my ATV to realize I'd had the flashers on the whole time.

On the bus from Perisaa to Thira so I could catch my connection bus to the harbor, there was an old English couple sitting behind me, confused all the while. So. There's a driver and a ticket guy on each bus. Occasionally the ticket guy will have to jump off the bus for one reason or another. At one point he did so to clear the road for the bus to come through. He hopped off the bus and ran down the street. My old English lady said, "Do you think he got on the wrong bus?" This is funny because all the buses were going to the same place. There is no wrong bus. Then later, the driver and ticket guy realized we were being followed by an express bus. And rather than take on more passengers,at each stop the ticket guy came out and said, "We don't go to Thira!" After the second or third time, the old Englis hman said, "So we're not going to Thira?" And the ticket guy ignored him.


I did find a better beer to drink. Mythos is my new go-to.

The only man so far on this trip who has made me feel like a piece of meat was on Crete. I was walking up a street and he came out of a shop. He gave me the old up an down and then said, "Buongiorno. Come stai?" Because, Italians. Of course.