Day 5 - Milos

So, there I was, on an island in a foreign country, on a schedule, slightly hungover, but mostly just exhausted and without my phone. I took the bus, made the transfer and got to the ferry, all the while feeling sick to my stomach about things. There's no good reason for how terrible I felt except that I all of a sudden felt very alone.

This ferry was not as sexy as the last one, but still nice. I promptly fell to sleep and woke up to the announcement that we'd arrived  at Milos. I didn't understand why more people weren't standing up to get off, but I also knew that eventually this ferry was going to Athens. So, I thought not much of it, went to the back of the boat, grabbed my bag and walked to the ramp to get off.

"What are you doing?" a woman asked.

"I'm... getting off the boat?"

"Where are you going?"


"No, this is Ios."

Of course it is. I'm glad I didn't get off because there was almost nothing on this island. And I was already feeling as secluded as I ever have,

So I boarded the ferry again, feeling dumb, and went back to my seat.

Finally got to Milos. I'm so glad I printed out all of my reservation details before leaving home because otherwise, I did not know where I was going. I found my hotel with little trouble. The woman at the desk, while very friendly, did not speak English as well as I needed her to. She handed me my key and asked if I needed anything else. Yes, I needed to know where to go. She said, "The building is out there." For the record, there are three buildings and I couldn't for the life of me find the room. But it all seemed so much worse given how I was feeling. I got into the room, finally, and went to the bathroom. But there was no toilet paper. So I got in the shower instead. (Sorry, I know that's gross.)

I went down to the reception desk again and asked if there was a phone repair store on the island. She was doubtful and said, "If there is, it won't be open." Of course it wouldn't be. But she was so helpful and sweet and I believe she's the only reason I was able to keep my shit together yesterday. I nearly broke down and started crying, feeling helpless and lost.

The hotel.

The hotel.

I went out for some food, realizing I hadn't eaten all day. I explored the town a bit, found a grocery store and stopped at a random restaurant. I had a gyro sandwich and beer by the bay. Went back to the hotel and relaxed. Watched a couple of youtube videos on fixing phones that won't charge. I believe I owe the man who suggested using rubbing alcohol to clear out the charge area. While I didn't have rubbing alcohol, I did have hand sanitizer and q-tips. It's charging now. Still a bit on the fritz, but working enough.

Chicken gyro sandwich.

Chicken gyro sandwich.

The day really got me down though. I went to bed feeling more lonely than I have in a long time. At that point I realized I'd forgotten to take my anti-depressant for the day. That was helping no one. I put on some Netflix and went to bed early.