An ode to dogs

A couple of things I left out. (There is TOO MUCH TO WRITE!)

In Athens, the bartender at the hostel was a Greek woman about my age with a deep, husky voice and an accent thicker than yogurt. I want her to narrate something for me. She loves the cello, makes a mean Moscow Mule and has a golden retriever she walks at four in the morning when she gets off work.

"I love my dog. My dog is everything to me. Other than my cello," she proclaimed. "I love dogs because they teach you two lessons. First, they teach you to live in the moment. There is no past with dogs, there is no future with dogs, it is only right now. And second, they teach you love. There is so much love. Those two things."

She's right. Be present and love.

I told her I have a dog too. She asked me his name. Uh oh.

"Neptune?!" she said. "Hey George, this girl has a dog named after a Roman god!"

Next time I'll just be telling people it's Poseidon.

This leads into my second anecdotal detail I forgot to put in the last post. First of all, my apologies to Dimitrios of Delphi. I spelled his name wrong over and over because I was too lazy to go to my room and dig out his business card. Typos have now been updated.

His shop was named, "Poseidon Workshop." #destiny

Oh, and if you're creepy like me, I'll save you the trouble and just give you his shop's webiste address.