A word on blood clots

I had two blood clots in 2015. One in my left leg. Then another about four months later in my right arm. Thus far, 2016 has brought me no new blood clots. Knock on wood, fingers crossed and all that shit. 

I have a layover in Newark on my way to Athens. The second leg is nearly a 10 hour flight. I'm somewhat nervous about the possibility of obtaining yet another clot. The doctors can't really explain why I had two. The first one was likely explained away by the hormonal birth control I was on. But the second one? They said, "Since you've already had one, you're likely susceptible to more." Which isn't the best news, but at least they couldn't find anything seriously wrong with me.

So I'll be doing what the flight attendants have been saying for years. Get up frequently, do weird seat exercises. And I'll be taking some ibuprofen in an effort to keep that good old blood flowing.

The only saving grace of all of this is that I now know and can identify what it feels like to have a blood clot in one of my extremities. 

This all sounded very severe.