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Mate Assignment
By Sara C. Gerou

At a time when artificially intelligent beings and humans co-exist peacefully, an agency provides a matching service for the socially inept to find companionship. As a result, society's functions adjust as Artificials and Naturals alike learn to care for one another. However, with change comes unanticipated complications and challenges. Connor and Agnes, an agency-made match, move forward through their shared life and face the obstacles that come their way.

Stella and Moonface, a dynamic duo, explore the controversial topic of sharing. With the societal peer pressure to compromise the integrity of personal belongings for the convenience of others, the decision to share is not as simple as it seems. While Moonface forever questions, Stella boldly stands up for her own point of view and sheds some light on what happens to those who choose to share and live a lifetime of regret, loss and sadness of damaged goods.

Beginning with the suggestion to share a simple meal, Stella and Moonface venture out in search of the perfect compromise. As Moonface forever questions, Stella recognizes the need to voice an opinion. Stella and Moonface: Speak Up is the second volume in the illustrated series confronting social issues some of us missed out on the first time around.

Stella and Moonface, a dynamic duo, take a closer look at Stella's less than elegant bodily functions. While Moonface forever questions, Stella faces the fact that however embarrassing or loathsome a moment may be, there are always more embarrassing and loathsome moments to be had. So why dwell?